Gidai Maaza

Fresno Co-Founder

Gidai Maaza is first generation child of refugee parents, Ethiopian, oldest of six siblings, and product of Fresno public schooling and lifelong Fresno resident. Gidai Maaza is married to his beautiful wife of 15 years; Antoinette Pugh Maaza, and father to 3 children. Gidai’s passion is to provide nontraditional, trauma informed, community based mental health to communities of color, refugee, and women/children survivors of domestic violence. As a licensed therapist, Gidai has dedicated his professional career to ensuring equity within the mental health profession to the latter mentioned populations. Gidai recognizes that Fresno’s emerging legal cannabis industry can be leveraged as an economic development and social justice tool to ensure communities are truly independent, self-sustaining, and have equitable access.

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